Association for promotion of informal education, critical thinking and philosophy in practice “Petit Philosophy” promotes benefits of non formal education, especially of teaching for critical thinking. We work with children starting from age 3 to senior citizens. Also we educate future teachers in philosophy for children, critical thinking… We are promoting among children and youth, the primordial values to make them aware of the importance of tolerance, human rights and other democratic gains. We have original programs tailored to appropriate age groups with which we work.

Our Mission and Objectives are to:

  • work with children and youth;
  • promote critical thinking in institutional or non institutional education;
  • promote non formal education
  • work with all age groups
  • promote philosophy for/with children in institutional or non institutional education;
  • promote philosophy in practice
  • promote free thinking
  • promote science and scientific research
  • train children and young people for critical thinking, so that they themselves can resist all forms of modern manipulation (media, politics, economy…)…

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