News from 2009.

– Isabelle Milon (Institute of Philosophical Practice, France) held a workshop with children who attend the Petit philosophy in Private Primary School Nova in Zadar.

– Oscar Brenifier (Institute of Philosophical Practice, France) put on a pre-school philosophy workshop with five-year old children
– Teachers participated in a “Philosophy in Practice” seminar which was organized by the Philosophical circle of the Croatian Philosophical Society in Zadar, from 28 to 30 November 2009, with the workshop entitled “What is beautiful?”

–          Teachers Bruno Ćurko and Ivana Kragić visited an elementary school Bukovac in Zagreb,. They organized a workshop entitled “Values” in the occasion of annual assessment of pedagogues on county level, on 26th November 2009.

–          Teachers Bruno Ćurko and Ivana Kragić visited an elementary school in Zagreb, Trnsko. They put up a workshop, “Wisdom/Critical Thinking” annual assessment of pedagogues on county level, on 11th November 2009.

–          From 13 to 19 of July – Petit philosophy teachers participated in a summer seminar, “The Art of Questioning“ which took place in a small medieval town of  Vézelay in France. This seminar was organized by the Institute of Philosophical Practice. In France, the teachers held a workshop (this time for adults) called ‘Values’

–          Teachers Bruno Ćurko and Ivana Kragić participated in the 14th ICPIC (International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children), which was held in Padua from 2 to 4 July . Ivana Kragić participated in the poster section, with the theme “Using Stories in the Program of Pettit  Philosophy,” and  Bruno Ćurko with the theme “Play – an Auxiliary Tool in Developing Cognition in the Program of Pettit Philosophy”

–          Bruno Ćurko and Ivana Kragić wrote an article “Petit philosophy – Experiemental Project of Philosophy for Children” which was published in the journal Chilhood and Philosophy (the official ICPIC journal) in which they outlined the program and how Petit philosophy operates. You can read the article here:

–          On 16 July 2009, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports expressed the official opinion about the project Petit philosophy. Ministries and Agencies of Education evaluated this project as “very good and innovative, primarily because of its quality, but also due to the attempts towards analitical and creative thinking of children from an early age.” So we are no longer an experimental program, but a program. (Opinion of the Ministry Class: 007-02/09-03/00056; N: 533-12-09-0004)

–          Students who attend Petit philosophy performed play “Thales” at the closing event of the State Competition of Logic and Philosophy, 23 March 2009. In addition, participants were shown a documentary film “Petit philosophy”. (

–          On 26 February, 2009, in Zadar City Library, the program of Petit philosophy was presented. The documentary Petit philosophy was promoted while the students who attend Petit  philosophy in elementary school Nova performed three plays: Thales, Socrates and Sophie, and the Classroom of Petit philosophy. (

–          From 27 to 29 November, 2008, teachers Bruno Ćurko and Ivana Kragić participated in the symposium »Philosophy of Leisure and Sport« in Zagreb, with the lecture “Play – a Way into Multidimensional Thinking Aiming philosophy for children”

–          16 – 18 October 2008, teachers Bruno Ćurko and Ivana Kragić with  the lecture “The Use of Stories in the Workshops of Philosophy for Children” participated in the International Scientific Conference – Contemporary Controversies Education  Pedagogy and Practice of Education, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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