“Look at your own opinion”

In the school year 2010/2011 we launched a project called “Look at your own opinion”. We implement this project in 14 elementary schools, associations and libraries in the Republic of Croatia. The project is implemented in four regions: Zagreb, Slavonia and Dalmatia. Every week we have one workshop in each institution. For now we have done over 400 workshops, and by the end of the school year will total do 525 workshops. The implementation of the program involved 17 teachers (volunteers) and 207 children (from 8-11 year). For each workshop was prepared PowerPoint presentations. Our old animated teachers have a new look thanks to the teacher Ida Sušić. Here you can download or just give look on our workshop entitled “What is beauty?”

For now, here are a few links on the project:







Against Corruption!

One of our programs “With critical thinking to awareness of harmfulness of corruption among children 8-12 years” is become a part of the anti-corruption project of Holcim Croatia. We would like to thank Holcim Croatia on trust, and we are extremely proud that we will cooperate with associations and organizations involved in this project:

• DIM – with the project “Corruption – and your NO is important!” – http://www.dimonline.hr/main_hr.html
• E-student – financial team with the project “Students against Corruption”
• Radio 101 with the project “Octopus” – http://www.radio101.hr
• Association for the independent media culture – H-alter with the project “With H-Alter against corruption” –http://www.h-alter.org
• Association for the development of radio programs – Radio network with the project “Korupcija.HR” –http://www.radionet.hr/o-nama
• Transparency International Croatia, with the project “With transparency against corruption – We have a right to know 2010th ” – http://www.transparency.hr

World without Borders – Zadar, a city ofendless people

This summer we attended in the big event “World without Borders – Zadar, a city of endless people.” The event will be held in Zadar from 2nd to 7th of August 2010th . With a multitude of interesting workshops, “Petit philosophy” will have two different type of workshops:

1. “Osta’ san bez mislit’”- for children aged from 8 to 12 years.  I nthis workshops we will do our ‘classic’ workshop about friendship, wisdom, courage, imagination, diversity that unites us, imagination, mythology….

2. “Philosophy of Rock N’ Roll” – intended for high school students and the elderly. We will listen to a true rock n ‘roll, and analyze and seek philosophical teachings in the texts of these songs. Interesting and fun. If you are in or near Zadar, in early August, come in one or two interesting workshops.There is around 30 different workshops. You can sign up at: http://www.zemljabezgranica.com/portal/index.php

Petit philosophy in DOKKICA

•    ’Petiti philosophy’ teachers Ida Sušić i Mišo Tokić , along with children who attend our workshops, presented our programs with a short play, “Why attend the workshop of „Petit philosophy’?” at a ceremony of “children house DOKKICA” in Osijek.  Our Petit philosophers (children who attend our workshops) were excellent.

Second place for most creative educational project

This year we were nominated for most creative educational project in the Republic of Croatia (http://www.mrak.com.hr/naslovna.htm). In the end we finished in second place.

Published textbook „Me, You, They“

– Teacher of Petit philosophy Bruno, along with colleague Dunja Marusic-Brezetić published textbook „Me, You, They“. This is school textbook in Ethic for the second year of high school. More information about the textbook and the comment about textbook can be viewed at: http://www.profil-mozaik.hr/ja-mi-oni%E2%80%A6-udzbenik-etike-za-drugi-razred-gimnazije-i-strukovne-skole/PR/128355

From begining of March, in the children’s house DOKKICI – Osijek, we began a series of workshops of Petit philosophy. Every Wednesday in 18:00, until the end of the school year, you can attend these workshops. The only condition is that you have between 8 and 12 years old, and that you want to think about the world around you. http://www.dokkica.breza.hr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12%3Amala-filozofija&catid=1%3Anaslovnica&Itemid=15&lang=hr

Lecture “Philosophy for Children and the Mediterranean.”

– Teacher  Bruno participated on the philosophical symposium on „Mediterranean roots of philosophy“ in town of Split. There he had lecture “Philosophy for Children and the Mediterranean.”

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