Name of the project:

ETHIKA – Ethics and Values Education in Schools and Kindergartens



Aims of the project:

ETHIKA project aims to:

  • To promote innovative practices in school education in the field of ethics and values education, developing and promoting personalised learning approaches, collaborative learning and fostering critical thinking.
  • To develop open educational materials and new methods of learning methods with an aim to enhance the professional development of those working or active in the education sector.
  • To elaborate a Policy paper on ethics and values education in EU as guidelines aimed at increasing the awareness of the EU policy level on the importance of moral obligations and social values so as to strengthen its educational structures in a system of values supported by all relevant stakeholdes.
  • Strengthening the professional profile of teaching positions.


Main project activities:

– Analysis of the state of things and needs of teachers and educators in the fields of ethics and values education in schools and development of methodology

– Open educational materialsand tools for teachers and educators on ethics and value education on different topics and for different age groups

– Curriculum and training proposal on ethical education and learning about values with implementation tools

– The impact on decision-makers in the EU


The project will increase innovation and internationalization in the education sector and strengthen cooperation (capacity building); with critical thinking (including articulation, argumentation and rationality,and presentation of one views leads to increased achievement) raise the level of key competences and skills, emphasize active participation in society, increase opportunities for professional development for school teachers, reinforce interaction between practice, research and policy and increase motivation and satisfaction of teachers in daily work.


Target groups:

– Teachers and other educators that areinvolved in working with children

– Children

– Primary schools and kindergartens

– Experts in the field of ethics and values education

– Policy makers and decision makers at EU and national level

– General public




Project coordinator:

  • Faculty of Theology (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)



  • Primary school Valentine Guide (Slovenia)
  • Primary school of Šmartno (Slovenia)
  • Kirchlich-Pädagogische Hochschule Graz (KPH, Austria)
  • Steps (Italy)
  • Rambla Abogados & Asesores (Spain)
  • Association “Petit philosophy” (Croatia)
  • Bundesverband Ethik. V (Germany)
  • FAU Erlangen Nuremberg – OR (Germany)



Timetable of the project:

01/9/2014 – 31/8/2017.


The total value of the project:

ETHIKA project is funded by the EU/Slovenian Agency for mobility through the Erasmus Plus K2and its total value is 363,925.00 €.



Contact person:

– Marija Kragić



Contact for information about the project:

Web site:




Free educational materials can be downloaded at:



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