Integrating Ethics of Sport in Secondary School Curriculum


Project aims to:

  • enhance the provision of the ethics education at the ISCED 3 (upper-secondary) level through wider integration of the ethics of sport contents into the school curriculum in full compliance with the cross-curricular approach
  • improve the competencies of secondary school teachers needed for more effective and sustainable ethics of sport-based educational provision/teaching at the upper-secondary level


Main project activities:

  • The curriculum framework „Ethics of sport“
  • Methodology guidelines – a tool-kit for teaching Ethics of Sport under the secondary school curriculum
  • Web-based thematic platform (Open Education Resource) on educational provision of Ethics of Sport


Target groups:

  • High school teachers
  • Experts in the field of ethics education
  • Policy makers and decision makers in education
  • Associations dealing with ethics education, sports
  • Sports clubs


Project Coordinator:

Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin – Hrvatska


  • Friedrich-Woehler-Gymnasium – Njemačka
  • Istituto Istruzione Superiore Ancel Keys – Italija
  • Udruga za poticanje neformalnog obrazovanja, kritickog misljenja i filozofije u praksi
  • Mala filozofija – Hrvatska
  • Univerza v Ljubljani – Slovenija


Project timetable:

7.11.2017.- 6.11.2019.


The total value of the project:

In Ethics of Sport project is funded by the EU/Croatian agency for mobility through Erasmus Plus KA2 and its total value is 160.480,00 €.


Contact person:

Bruno Ćurko


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