The workshops were held at the center of the Association of Retirees in Bijelo Brdo near Osijek, from february of 2013 to april of 2013. The participants of the workshops were also the members of the Association, 10-15 of them. Also, a workshop with the retirees in Zadar was held at the House for Elderly and Weak, on the occasion of the Week of longlife learning in 2014.


The aim of the workshops in Philosophy with Retirees is to show to the public the usefulness of philosophy in pratice, and application of its methods in everyday life. Besides, the workshops have shown that doing practical philosophy doesn’t require academic skills or previous knowledge, it is equally easy to reach for it and it can be practiced daily, with a certain dose of mind-exertion.

Methods and activities

The program of the workshops consisted of exercises and methods of contemporary world philosophers, and it mainly dealt with development of questioning skills, skills of analyzing, argument skills, conceptualization and problem solving. Apart from those specific philosophical skills, during the process of philosophizing, the participants have developed their own general skills such as dialogue, democraticness, team work, storytelling, painting, debate, but also did physical activity.

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