R-evolution today (The sea and coastal area as places to reflect on your relation to nature)

The project consists of five workshops that are held in the classroom, in nature and on the coast, with experiments and, of course, discussions.


Introduce participants to the concepts of evolution and nature. Raise awareness about origins and present features of plant and animal species, and about the importance of biodiversity. Break the prejudice and fears based on visual appearance and habit of perceiving „ugly“ as „bad“. Represent human impact on the environment and understand how one personaly impacts the environment by acting in a certain way.

The results

The level of participants’ knowledge about certain areas was increased from 16% to 100%. The workshop of which the objective was to raise awareness of cultural conditionedness of our behaviour towards certain plant and animal species showed that most of the participants regarded snakes and insects as „evil“ and „inimical“ and had feelings of fear, insecurity, helplessness and repulsion related to them, and that influences their behaviour towards those species in nature.

Commentaries of the participants

The participants have, in a general evaluation of the programme, stated that they have „learned many new things“ that acted as „eye openers“ and they expressed a wish that the workshops continue. Also, they evaluated as positive „that everything can be discussed and talked about freely, and opinions could be expressed without fear of judgement or marks.


Possibilities of adaptation and further development of the program

A part of the program is adjusted to students aged 7-11 (grades 1st – 4th), and was implemented in Split in September of 2012., on the Days of the Coast, organized by United Nations Environment Programme, Mediterranean Action Plan, Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC). Since then, the workshops are organized each year on the occasion of this conference.


The workshops were held on the same occasion with high school students in april 2013. On the marking of the Days of the Coast, in Split in 2014, we held new workshops and publicly showed the play „Anushka is wondering“.

Number of participants: 15 – 20

Duration of the project: 10 tjedana

Participants’ age: 14 – 16 godina

Number of school hours: 32

Budget: 8,000.00 HRK


Sponsors and donors: Vladimir Nazor high school

  • Pilot project 2012  (Gymnasium Vladimir Nazor Zadar, 2012)
  • Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC), Coastal day (2012-2013)
  • Different programs for different age group
  • Elementary school “Petar Zoranić” Nin (2013) (supported by OTP BANK)




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