Problems of corruption and nepotism undermine democratic values, and children have to be educated about corruption from early age, as about something very dangerous for individuals and society. To make children understand how harmful corruption and nepotism are, they should be „trained“ in critical thinking about themselves and the society around them.

The topics of the workshops:

  • „I love, and that’s why I buy!“ (corruption against love)
  • „My friend, give me your toy!“ (corruption against friendship)
  • „First, you pay, and then you can mock!“ (corruption against society)
  • „Who do you love more, mum or dad?“ (corruption against family)
  • „Dignity – something you cannot live without.“ (corruption against dignity)

The project was implemented in the school year 2010/2011 in fourteen schools and libraries in Croatia

Sponsor: Holcim Hrvatska

International dissemination of results of the project evaluation was presented on the 15th International conference of ICPIC at Gyeongsang University, Jinj, South Korea


Prompted by current economic situation, frequent corruption on social and political levels, and children’s need to understand the world around them, this year we have improved and enlarged the project „Who’s afraid of corruption“, which is supported by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, and co-funded by Zadar County.

The project includes making of innovative and creative methods of informal education, training and instructing the teachers in leading the workshops, carrying out 74 workshops with pupils, and a final public event in all cities named „The anti – corruption day“. Five different workshops for pupils from first to the fourth grade of elementary were created, that show how corruption can harmfully affect love, family, friendship, society and dignity.

16 teachers and educational experts are cooperating in the project, ten elementary schools, two NGOs, a library, all in seven cities or towns in Croatia (Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, Privlaka, Zadar, Nin, Makarska), and approximately 330 pupils from first to the fourth grade were also participating.

OŠ o. Petra Perice,  Makarska
OŠ Privlaka
OŠ Stanovi, Zadar
OŠ Zadarski otoci, Zadar
OŠ Šime Budinić, Zadar
OŠ Petar Zoranić, Nin
OŠ Bukovac, Zagreb
OŠ Voltino, Zagreb
OŠ Dr. Vinka Žganca, Zagreb
Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica, Vinkovci
OŠ Stjepana Antolovića, Privlaka
 Europski dom, Slavonski Brod u suradnji s OŠ Antun Mihnović, Slavonski Brod
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