Project name: Art of Democracy in Euro-Med region (Umjetnost demokracije u europsko mediteranskoj regiji)

Goals of the project

  • To foster critical thinking in young people, with an aim to shape their own thinking in everyday life, and fostering active citizenship
  • The main goal of the project is to widen the understanding of democratic values and human rights among young people, through expanding the level of knowledge about democracy and development of critical thinking through intercultural dialogue, with an aim to foster active citizenship
  • To make sure that knowledge, examples of good practice and educational methods among partner organizations and their teachers are shared and developed, to implement theoretical and practical activities that stress equality and understanding among different cultures
  • To understand different democratic and ethical values through direct intercultural dialogue

Principal activities

  • three press conferences that will promote the activities of the project and call the wider citizen population to actively participate in the project
  • training for professional improvement for teachers
  • connecting teachers from Turkey and Croatia through the internet, with an aim to create an educational network for sharing experiences, knowledge, and examples of good practice
  • carrying out six workshops with pupils, in which they will, through art, become acquainted to democratic values, freedom of speech, human rights and develop critical thinking and skills needed to plan civic action
  • to connect pupils from Turkey and Croatia through the internet, to exchange experiences from workshops, exchange ideas for civic action, and to foster intercultural dialogue

Target groups

  • young people, aged 15 to 21 (60 participants)
  • teachers that are going to participate in the training for professional improvement (20 teachers), to learn new and innovative educational methods
  • end users: the public, decision makers, school principals, representatives of local government units


Petit Philosophy (Mala filozofija)


Ortaköy 80.Yıl Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

Keçiören Municipality, Turkey

Turkey Disable’s Education and Solidarity Foundation, Turkey

Contact person

Ivana Kragić,

Kragic.Ivana (at)



Supported by Anna Lindh Foundationanna-lindh-foundation

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