LITTLE – LearnIng Together To Live Together:

Teachers leading Ethical Education for an Inclusive society

Duration: 01/9/2016 – 31/8/2019


The project LITTLE funded by the Erasmus+ programe gathers 4 partners with common aim of increasing innovation and internationalization in the education sector and strengthening cooperation (capacity building). With critical thinking (including articulation, argumentation and rationality, and presentation of one views leads to increased achievement) LITTLE aimes to raise the level of key competences and skills, emphasize active participation in society, increase opportunities for professional development for school teachers, reinforce interaction between practice, research and policy and increase motivation and satisfaction of teachers in daily work.

Project coordinator:



  • Promote innovative practices and internationalization between sectors of ethical education.

  • Strengthen the professional development of teachers and educators in the field of ethical education.

  • Raise the confidence of teachers so that they could develop their own educational materials and apply ethical education in the subjects they are teaching.

  • Improve communication between of teachers in order to exchange ideas and good practices.

  • Encourage teachers to cooperate more with their students and together create ethical educational content

  • Improve the skills of teachers in implementation of critical thinking in the classroom (including articulation, argumentation, rationalization)

  • Enable and improve professional training in the field of methodology of ethical education for Teachers from Europe.

  • Encourage teachers toacceptdifferent methodology that supports the development of critical thinking and interculturalism among students.

  • Raise awareness among decision-makers about the importance and role of ethical education in the educational system.

Main activities:

  • Online Course of methodology for ethical education

  • Guide for teachers on ethical education

  • Letter of Intent for decision makers

Target groups:

  • Teachers, educators

  • Principals of elementary schools

  • Students (pupils)

  • Decision makers in the field of education

  • Experts in the field of ethical education

  • Nongovernmental organizations working in the field of education

Total value of the project:

  • 284.000,00 € (funded by the Erasmus+ K2, Ireland Agency for mobility)


  • Ivana Kragic (