New web page sees the light of day


You know that saying “New Year - new me”? Well, although it is true that it’s almost the end of the February, we’ll use a festive excuse of last week’s Chinese New Year to announce our completely new and utterly amazing and cool web page! Our old domain on WordPress met the same fate as Carthage (c. 146 BC). It' was sacked, destroyed, and sowed with salt! But fear not lovers of the ancient, because all the information that we had on the old page can easily be found in our new format. You can explore our impact, read about our team, active and passive projects… Most importantly you can explore our educational materials, tools and courses that were developed as Open Educational Resources which means that you can download and use them freely. In addition, we’re preparing some publications as well as merchandise so stay tuned, because if you don’t have a hoodie on Immanuel Kant, how’s everyone going to know that you’re into philosophy? Anyway, without further ado, feel free to explore our new web page, we wish you a happy Chinese New Year and remember, as Socrates said, “An unexamined web page is not worth clicking.”