Education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.
— John Dewey

As in the most philosophy for children programs, the main aim of “Petit philosophy” is to motivate and direct children in practicing their creative and critical thinking. Giving space to children’s natural inquisitiveness, and proper directing of the development of that inquisitiveness leads to constant analysis, since early age, and it helps children to model their own thinking and raise awareness about themselves and the world around them.

By creating and understanding one’s own thinking, but other’s also, communication skills, social and argumentational skills are developed, that we need for constructive thinking, as well as for quality implementation of socratic dialogue on which this projet is based.

Our Mission and Objectives are to:

  • work with children and youth;

  • promote critical thinking in institutional or non institutional education;

  • promote non formal education

  • work with all age groups

  • promote philosophy for/with children in institutional or non institutional education;

  • promote philosophy in practice

  • promote free thinking

  • promote science and scientific research

  • train children and young people for critical thinking, so that they themselves can resist all forms of modern manipulation (media, politics, economy…)…


Our rewards

Besides our little and big participants, the workshops of Petit Philosophy were recognized by professional institutions, and so in 2009, Petit Philosophy program received a positive opinion from the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport, being described as „very good and innovative, especially because of its quality, but also because of its efforts to train children since their early age, in analytical and creative thinking.

A year later, the Association won a second place for creative and innovative educational program „A look at one’s own thinking“, at the annual days of creativity nd innovativeness organized by the Mrak organization.

In 2011, the volunteers of the organization were awarded the „Uključi se“ award for the work in Petit Philosophy by the Croatian Youth Network in cooperation with the Ministry of Family, Defenders and Intergenerational Solidarity.

The program also got support from international profesionals in philosophy for children.