SISUMMA European Social Initiative

of Support to Minorities through Media Activism

Duration: 01/10/2016 – 31/3/2018


SISUMMA project is specifically designed in a constant feedback scheme that intends to generate knowledge and materials to be used in a cascade flow mode during all its execution. The project aims to foster tolerance, respect and multicultural dialogue among young Europeans through several training activities and debates on the values of a dynamic European citizenship. Taking in consideration other previous European initiatives, policies, networks and good practices, the project will be addressed from a local to trans-European dimensions aiming to contribute to a better multicultural coexistence, including minorities and vulnerable groups, fostering European citizens’ engagement and encouraging their knowledge, capabilities and active participation

Project coordinator:



  • To empower young Europeans as engaged citizens trough a cross-cultural educational programme and media literacy training to challenge discrimination against minorities.

  • To sensitize youths on diversity and multicultural coexistence, fostering trans-national debate among European youths from different countries and minorities.

  • Generating mutual understanding and common strategies to fight discrimination.

  • To empower young Europeans to be active and critical citizens through media literacy.

  • To create a trans-European network of youths and sociopolitical actors that stand for equal rights of minorities.

Main activities:

  • Preparatory activities and multicultural coexistance

  • Training program on european citizenship, minorities and multicultural coexistance

  • Awareness activities on european citizenship, minorities and multicultural coexistance

  • Media literacy and media activism workshops

  • Citizens’ debates / analysis and discussion groups

  • Media activism production of audiovisual

  • ENSUMMA european net for a multicultural coexistence

Target groups:

  • Minorities

  • Young people

  • Policy makers

Total value of the project:

  • funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union


  • Bruno Curko (