Name of the project:

LILAC – Lifelong Intercultural Learning Alliance for Change



Aims of the project:

LILAC project aims to:

  • develop a common teaching methods;
  • combat early school leaving;
  • foster inclusion and to simplify the professional integration;
  • treat topics related to current events, civic education, vocational training and women’s empowerment, particularly as for equal opportunities;
  • create an exportable method which is shared at European level for adult education;
  • wide the base of experiences to include the widest range of users;
  • effective transfer of information.


Main project activities:

– exchange of good practice;

– student – teacher mobility

– teachers’ training

Target groups:

  • students at risk of leaving school early;
  • isolated and disadvantaged students;
  • adult students;
  • immigrants;
  • students with special needs;
  • disabled students;
  • teachers, trainers and other educators;
  • school leaders and managers of adult education units;
  • policy makers and decision makers at EU and national level.

Project coordinator:

  • CPIA RAVENNA (Italy)


  • SISAM (Italy)
  • SES_SEBE_SPOLU (Czech Republic)
  • Association “Petit philosophy” (Croatia)
  • Eskisehir Eti Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi High School (Turkey)


Timetable of the project:

01/9/2016 – 31/8/2018.


Project financing:

LILAC project is funded by the EU/Italian Agency for mobility through the Erasmus Plus K2.

Contact person:

– Ivona Matana

Contact for information about the project:

Web site:

Under construction.


Under construction.

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